eManagement® is a multi-user package, made under web technology, allowing concurrent access and provided with a rich interface, intended for the online centralization of exploitation data acquired from the SCADA systems, for their processing and their display, in order to provide the decisional support for the management and for the exploitation and marketing-supply services.
eManagement® represents a tool absolutely needed for the interfacing with the transaction platforms newly implemented by the centralized energy markets. The package ensures, at any time, the management of the production and of the partners aggregated consumption, and also the participation to the wholesale energy market, through the correlation of all factors involved, in order to equilibrate and optimize the supply of electric energy and system services.
The package is made up of the following interconnected applications:
  • Plant Technical Management (PTM): allows the automatic input of exploitation data acquired from the SCADA systems into the plant local SQL Server database, the implementation of the HPMS/EMS functions and information publishing into the subsidiary Intranet;
  • Control Center Technical Management (CCTM): allows the input of exploitation data acquired from the plants, of forecast data and of dispatcher commands into the control center local SQL Server database, their publishing into the subsidiary Intranet, the implementation of the HPMS/EMS functions and the replication of important data to the main headquarter;
  • Subsidiaries Technical Management (STM): web application allowing the input of exploitation and forecast data, and of the dispatcher commands, directly from the subsidiaries headquarters, into a SQL Server database located at the Hidroelectrica main headquarter;
  • Central Technical Management (CTM): web application intended for the display of data contained in the SQL Technical Management database located at the Hidroelectrica main headquarter by means of reports, syntheses, analyses, graphical representations;
  • Eligible consumers (EC): web application used for the management of electric power consumption (achieved and forecast for the next day) of Hidroelectrica contractual partners (eligible consumers / licentiate suppliers);
  • Energy Offer (EO): allows the programming of the electric energy production and of other system services offered on the energy market; provides a tool for interconnecting with the energy transaction platforms and for analyzing the achieved transactions.

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