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Command & Control Systems

CS ROMANIA SCADA and DCS solutions consist of industry-standard platforms based on OEM proven suite of products coupled with our integration software RexSYS for multiple industry segments:
•    Energy: Generation, Transportation, Distribution
•    Industry: Automotive, Glass, Tires, Ball and Roller Bearings
•    Water: Distribution, Wastewater
•    Transportation: Water transport infrastructure, Railways, Railroads
Our experts have the ability to work together with the customer specialists, within customer guidelines and requirements, to assist in developing plans for new facilities as well as in modernizing and optimizing the performance of the current environment.
With proven quality processes and in-depth domain expertise across industry segments CS ROMANIA offers customised solution for:
•    SCADA and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
•    Control Centre Systems
•    Systems Integration at the Plant and Enterprise Level
•    Software applications for third party SCADA and DCS systems.
CS ROMANIA's solutions maximize customer profitability by enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, increasing the operation efficiency and safety. Our services include:
•    In-plant consulting
•    Systems design and implementation
•    Commissioning and testing
•    Remote performance and systems health monitorig
•    On site maintenance and repair
•    Technical documentations

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